Find a Probate Lawyer in Decatur or Atlanta, GA

Find a Probate Lawyer in Decatur or Atlanta, GA

Choose Jerry L. Stepp, P.C. to help you through this difficult time

If your loved one has passed on without creating a will, you need to plan how you’ll distribute their assets and pay off their debt. Jerry L. Stepp, P.C. will provide the legal assistance you need to organize their estate. Our probate lawyer will help you:

  • Choose an administrator
  • Post a bond
  • Validate the will
  • Manage your loved one’s possessions and accounts

We understand that this process might be difficult to start, let alone finish. Jerry will work with you to ease your stress and make sure your loved one's affairs are in order. 

Call 404-923-7488 now to schedule a consultation with attonrney Jerry L. Stepp, P.C. in Atlanta or Decatur, Georgia. 


Work with an experienced probate lawyer

Jerry L. Stepp, P.C. has over 48 years of experience. We’ve handled many probate law cases carefully and professionally. Trust us to be the reliable resource you need to manage your family member’s estate.

Hire our probate lawyer to assist you in Decatur or Atlanta, Georgia.